Just as children are at the heart of everything we do, our curriculum is at the heart of the school. We strongly believe children should enjoy coming to school and love learning. Each day should be filled with creativity and challenge, enabling children to discover their talents to become extraordinary Mathematicians, Writers, Historians, Linguists etc. We have thought carefully about what is taught, what has to be learnt and what children need to know and be able to do. Equal prominence is given to developing character, creativity, self-esteem and well-being. This vision for our curriculum underpins all the learning that takes place in our school. Our high expectations drive pupils to raise their own expectations in learning, in their social interactions and ultimately in their lives. We encourage independent learning and self-reflection in order to prepare our pupils for a future we cannot predict, while ensuring their academic excellence and well-being remain our highest priorities.

Why is the curriculum designed as it is?

Our curriculum is the yardstick for what we want our children to know and be able to do by the time they leave us. The content and structure has been carefully planned, it reflects the demands of the National Curriculum, is at the heart of the school and is accessible to all. We strongly believe children should love learning, be inspired and experience a sense of awe and wonder. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum. Specialist Teachers in PE, Dance, Science, Art and Spanish enable children to acquire knowledge, understanding and skills in all aspects of their education providing them with opportunities to discover their talents and reach their full potential.

What thoughts have gone in to it?

We have deliberately thought about what is taught, what has to be learnt and what children need to know in order to progress and succeed. We respond to current issues such as preventing radicalisation through teaching diversity, tolerance, keeping children safe online and mental health awareness. An ambitious range of carefully chosen topics reflects the National Curriculum and develops the interests of our children. A range of initiatives, including focused weeks, focused days, trips, visitors and extra-curricular activities have been undertaken to establish a curriculum that is inspiring, valued and enjoyed by all. Regular and purposeful assessment ensures Teachers review and evaluate their teaching and planning and have a clear understanding of where their children are.

Why do we do what we do?

We have embedded the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of children into our teaching and learning and continually ensure opportunities to develop resilience and independence are explored. We recognise the part our curriculum plays in the emotional wellbeing of children and work hard to build awareness of positive mental health. Children use their prior learning to develop transferrable skills, knowledge and progression in their learning; they build memory by revisiting particular themes. We encourage and value self-reflection; we support our children to have high expectations and ambitions for their futures.

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