Miss Penny Hazell


Tel: 01621 785740
Between the hours of
07:30 – 8-40 / 15:20 – 18:30

Tel: 01621 782070
School hours

Bookings to be made in advance via the online booking system on Parentmail.

Monday = Beans on toast.
Tuesday= Pizza and garlic bread.
Wednesday = Wraps with chicken nuggets, ham and cheese with salad on the side.
Thursday = Pasta with tomato sauce and cheese.
Friday= Spaghetti on toast.

Monday = Rice cakes
Tuesday = Yogurts
Wednesday = Mixed fruits
Thursday = Crackers and cheese
Friday = Fruit bread

Fresh fruit is available daily

Breakfast Club

Includes a Healthy Breakfast

served until 8.10 only.

7.30am – 8.40am

After School Club

Includes a Light snack on arrival.
A small evening meal at 5.30pm.

3.20pm – 4.30pm
3.20pm – 5.30pm
3.20pm – 6.30pm
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