Miss Kelly Stock

Acting Deputy Headteachers

Mrs Sue Bache

Mr Alex Russ

Senior Leadership Team

Miss Kelly Stock (Headteacher)

Mrs Sue Bache (Acting Deputy Headteacher)

Mr Alex Russ (Acting Deputy Headteacher)

Mr Alex Keene (Assistant Headteacher)

Miss Laura Le Beau (Assistant Headteacher)

Mrs Louise Terry (SENCO)

Mr Adam Patterson (Lead Practitioner for KS2 English)

Swimming Teacher

Mrs Jane Seaward

Breakfast Club and After School Club

Mrs Joanne Powell – Leader

Miss Penny Hazell

Office Staff

Mrs Ann Cutting (School Business Manager)

Mrs Liza Guise (Senior Administrative Officer)

Miss Hayley Howard (Administrative Assistant)

Mrs Laura Rawinsky (Administrative Assistant)

Mrs Charmaine Bloomfield (Administrative Assistant)


Miss Anna Hunt–Butterfly Class (Reception)

Mrs Sharon Search–Elephant Class (Reception)

Mrs Anna Cooper- Gorilla Class (Year 1)

Miss Philippa Gibbs – Owl Class (Year 1)

Mrs Sue Bache–Kangaroo Class (Year 2)

Mrs Becci Hull / Mrs Hayley Scott– Panda Class (Year 2)

Miss Christina Scott – Zebra Class (Year 3)

Mrs Louise Terry/ Mrs Tamsin Morton– Meerkat Class (Year 3)

Mrs Cathy Gough– Dolphin Class (Year 4)

Miss Laura LeBeau – Tiger Class (Year 4)

Miss Danielle Amner – Hippo Class (Year 5)

Mr Adam Patterson– Wolf Class (Year 5)

Mr Alex Russ – Eagle (Year 6)

Mr Alex Keene– Chameleon Class (Year 6)

Mrs Cheryl Wright (EYFS Leader)

Mr Alan Proudfoot (PE)

Mrs Liza Brown (Art)

Mrs Wendy Woods

Mrs Anna Russ

Mrs Rachel Elvidge

Mrs Caroline Connell


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Natalie Barclay

Mrs Christine Brash

Mrs Jane Owen

Mrs Jacky Hughes

Mrs Karen Lawrence

Mrs Michelle Puxley

Miss Emily Smith

Mrs Julia Vannuffel

Mrs Georgina Bowyer

Mrs Jenny Crouch

Mrs Wendy Foster

Mrs Cara Jones

Mrs Dawn Mears

Child and Family Support Worker

Mrs Jeanette Evans

Catering Team

Mrs Nikki Harris (Catering Manager)

Mrs Nicky Cashman (Assistant Cook)

Mrs Vicky Cheshire (Catering Assistant)

Dining Hall Assistants

Mr Neil Gunn

Miss Rachel McDonald

Mrs Nicola Robson

Mrs Zoe Wood

Cleaning Staff

Mrs Kate Poulton (Supervisor)

Miss Dionne McCarthy

Miss Lynette Smith

Ms Lucy Harland