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We are very proud of our school dinners at Burnham on Crouch Primary School. Where possible we source all of our products locally and all of our dinners are freshly cooked, nutritious and delicious.

There is a proven link between good nutrition and academic achievement. When children eat a balanced diet they find it easier to concentrate in the classroom and their behaviour is significantly improved. We firmly believe that healthy habits learned in primary school will lead to healthier lifestyles in adulthood. We are therefore delighted that the Government decided in September 2014 that all children in Reception, Year1 and Year 2 would be entitled to receive a free school meal each day.

On a daily basis our children can choose to eat the nutritious hot meal or alternatively opt for a filled soft roll or jacket potato. Meals, including desert or fruit, still cost just £2.00 per day for children and £2.50 for adults. Fresh water and a selection of fresh, chilled fruit juice is available every day, and children are free to choose from the daily selection at the salad bar. (COVID restrictions apply)

Parents and carers are always welcome to join their children for lunch; please just let the office know in the morning so we can book it for you. (COVID restrictions apply)

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