“We all want the children to be happy, enthusiastic and eager to learn. We want to create an environment where every child wants to come to school and can flourish in their individual way. We want them to achieve their full potential and help them to become kind, considerate, brave and independent individuals who are down to earth, have common sense and have the compassion to think about others.”
Our vision for our school is to become an ‘outstanding’ school to ensure your children receive the very best education and experiences. We are a successful learning community that is an extended family in which everyone is valued, enjoys coming to school and is given every opportunity to flourish both academically and as an individual.

We work closely with the community, parents and carers to make sure everyone is part of our journey to raise standards and create a school where everyone counts; where everyone has the chance to succeed, to discover their best self and learn how to lead a life of integrity, respect and happiness.

Burnham on Crouch Primary School is both an aspirational and inclusive school. We believe every child is different; our vision is to help children find their talents so they can be proud of who they are and be confident to move to secondary school knowing their worth. We also believe that the wellbeing, safety and happiness of every child is essential and the needs of our children are at the heart of everything we do. Going from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’. It is not about achieving perfection but helping children to become the best versions of themselves. It also means children who are successful and do their best know they are valued, believe in themselves and have respect for others.

Martin Luther King spoke of the value of intelligence plus character. Academically, Burnham on Crouch Primary will be a high attaining and high achieving school but we also believe strongly in the development of the whole child. We teach daily the importance of telling the truth, keeping ourselves safe, being kind and being proud of ourselves and others. Harold Lyon wrote of the need to treat people the way we treat sunsets in that we allow them to be just what they are. Our core British values make sure qualities such as honesty, tolerance, perseverance, gratitude and teamwork are valued and celebrated.

We hope that your relationship with the school will be a long and happy one.

Our Governors


Mr Dan Tunbridge
Chair of Governors

  • SEND

Mr Christopher Mabbutt

Chair of Resources Committee

  • Safeguarding
  • Health and Safety

Mrs Daria Wignall


Mrs Nina Noonan

Vice Chair of Governors

Vice Chair of Learning & Teaching Committee

Vice Chair of Resources Committee

  • Early Years
  • Pre-School Links

Mrs Claire Rawlinson

  • Most Able

Mrs Emma Rigler

Non Teaching / Teaching

Mrs Sue Bache

  • KS1
  • Wider Curriculum
  • Phonics

Mr Alex Russ

  • Maths
  • Behaviour
  • Assessment
  • Disadvantaged Pupils

Miss Kelly Stock

Clerk to Governors

Karen Harris