Year 3 Science

Meerkat, Science, Zebra

What do we know about bones in the human body? Today the children were constructing models of human skeletons, comparing the position and lengths of the bones such skull, ribs, …

Enterprise Week

Meerkat, Zebra

Tuesday 10th December was the start of Enterprise Week. Some of the children in Year Three made super smelling soap and bath bombs. We used our math skills to work …

Rocks and Fossils

Meerkat, Zebra

To link in with our science topic,’Rocks and Fossils’ Year Three visited Hyde Hall. We spent the day studying different types of rocks and sketching crystals.  

Meerkat, Zebra

Meerkat Class enjoyed a whole day of art. They looked at primary colours and used sewing techniques to create beautiful poppies.

Multicultural Week

Meerkat, Zebra

As part of Multicultural Week Year Three have been learning all about Australia. We used our maths and design and technology skills to make delicious ‘Lemmington cakes’ a traditional Australian …

Black History

Meerkat, Zebra

Zebra class (or Year 3) have been looking at the the story of Rosa Parks for Black History Week. Mrs Parks was required by law to occupy the back seats …