Year 1 – Italian Adventure!

Gorilla, Owl

Today we have had an Italian adventure!

We have learned all about Italy and located it on a map.

We have learned fun facts about Italy and found out about landmarks, artists, food and culture.

We have been architects, building leaning towers, just like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and created beautiful artwork!

We have designed yummy pizzas and talked about our favourite toppings and we ate ice cream at lunch time!

We have painted our hands to represent the Italian flag and know the colours represent hope, faith and charity.

We have even been inspired by Michelangelo and painted our own version of the Sistine Chapel by painting under the tables. It was really tricky and we got a bit messy!

We got creative with pasta and used different types of pasta to create interesting patterns and pictures.

We also learned some Italian phrases!