Panathlon Outstanding Achiever Award, August 2018.


Back in the Summer of 2018 one of our children was awarded the Panathlon Outstanding Achiever Award. This highly prestigious achievement recognised the commitment and determination shown by this individual to overcome daily challenges and deal with a number of operations and visits to hospital. Then after a period of rehabilitation return back to PE lessons and compete in Boccia and Swimming events delivered by Panathlon.

We were invited along to Essex County Cricket ground not only to watch the game, but also have a presentation during the break in the match. In addition we also got to meet a couple of the players!

This young man is a great example to us all and I personally am extremely proud of what he has achieved so far. I am also confident he will continue to try his best in Physical Education whilst at the same time building and refining his acting skills!

A further article about this outstanding achievement can be found here:

Mr Proudfoot