Year 6 Science

Chameleon, Eagle

Hello Chameleons and Eagles!

Hope you are all keeping well and staying safe.

Our new Science topic for this term is LIGHT so think about what you know about this already and what you would like to find out. You could create your own version of a KWL grid (What I KNOW already; What I WOULD like to know; a space left blank for What I have LEARNT, to be completed at the end of the topic) and be creative in how you present these ideas. There are also some activities which introduce some of the vocabulary and concepts we will be covering in this topic, if you would like to use it.

As before, these activities are there if you choose to use them and to do as much as you are able to.

I will be in touch again soon,

Direction light travels in Facts about light Light sources and how light travels Transparent translucent or opaqueMrs Connell ☺