Year 4 Science

Dolphin, Tiger

Hello Dolphins and Tigers!

I hope you are all well 🙂

As part of our learning about electricity, this clip explores the different ways it is generated.

It is a ‘Curious Cat’ one I’m afraid, so apologies to those of you that aren’t fans! However the information contained within the clip will be useful for our learning in this unit, so give it a watch if you can 🙂

I have also attached an activity looking at different kinds of switches used in the home, an introduction to circuit symbols and some information to read about Thomas Edison and why his work is significant. There are questions to answer if you choose to but as always, do whatever you are able to.

Stay safe,

Mrs Connell ☺


Activity Sheet Investigating Switches Intro to circuit symbols Key vocabulary list Thomas Edison biography and optional Q and A – three levels