Year 1 Termly Summary

Gorilla, Owl

Year 1 have had a wonderful term learning all about animals. The children have explored all the different animal groups and compared their features. They have learnt about the difference between animals in hot and cold climates. They have appreciated the beauty of animals through collage and observational paintings. The children have discussed important issues in animal rights like whether people should be allowed to go fishing. The children have discussed our responsibility as humans to keep the environment safe for animals such as making sure we put our rubbish in the bin. The children have made bird feeders to keep birds happy in winter. They have explored the importance of keeping animals safe from harm and protecting them from extinction at Colchester Zoo where we met animals such as tigers and sun bears which the zoo are doing a lot to protect. The children had an amazing time at Colchester zoo where they put all that they had learnt to the test. They were able to spot animals and talk about where they live in the wild and how the zoo keepers help animals to feel at home in it’s enclosure. The children have explored the symbols of Easter and Spring and showed great respect when listening to the Easter story and how the story made them feel. The children had an amazing day when Andy the engineer came to our school to teach us all about engineering. He taught us about strong shapes such as triangles and as a team we built big structures out of paper. We made safari trucks and Andy helped us with sawing the axles so that they fitted to our trucks. We had such a great day and such a great term! We can’t wait for our next term and our next topic!