Our first week back!

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Our first week back!

It’s been brilliant getting to know all the new, fresh-faced children ready for another exciting but tiring year in Chameleon and Eagle class.

Children have already started tackling the dreaded SATs with their first round of baseline assessments and should know their targets for the next six weeks and what areas they need to improve on. Children have been learning to get some perspective in Art.

Meanwhile, we are having some fun with our topic this term – ‘People and Places’. Children have been studying some fascinating images and detailed accounts of the many Native American tribes. Did you know there were over a thousand different tribes and many of them still survive today? From teepees to igloos, bison hunting to salmon fishing and fire dances to totem poles, the ‘Red Indians’ were a complex people.

Check out Year 6 getting to grips with the differences between the native peoples of Inuit, Cherokee, Apache, Iroquois, Sioux and many more.