Kangaroo News!


Everyone in Kangaroo class has shown that they are determined to do their best and we are very proud of them all. We have recently congratulated three children who received a Headteacher ‘s award for their amazing progress and hard work.

This term has been busy. The children have been learning about significant people in British history, everyone was interested in the life and work of the British nurse Florence Nightingale. As part of our work on British values the children shared their own thoughts and ideas about how they help others. They also considered whether Florence Nightingale’s parents were right to be worried about her becoming a nurse and through this were able to show how that they are developing their own opinions and ability to respect the opinions of others.

In science the children have been learning about materials, they enjoyed and were inspired by the hands on practical investigations that they carried out to discover the properties of everyday materials. They spent time thinking about the achievements of the great scientist Stephen Hawkings.

The book ‘Tadpoles Promise’ was enjoyed by all, it created lots of discussion and mixed emotions, with the children considering whether it was morally right. Our art day was linked to the story and some wonderful papier mache frogs were created. The children had to listen carefully to each other, follow instructions and work together – we were very impressed by how well they did!

It has been a happy, successful term, we are looking forward to the next and wish you all an enjoyable Easter break.