Enterprise Week

Butterfly, Chameleon, Dolphin, Eagle, Elephant, Gorilla, Hippo, Kangaroo, Meerkat, Owl, Panda, Tiger, Wolf, Zebra

I would like to thank everyone involved with Enterprise week this week. It has been a huge success and both the children and staff have really enjoyed it. We wanted to give children a real life experience of designing and creating a product, budgeting, advertising and selling. They have really enjoyed working with different children and staff. I would like to say well done to Rosie Everard-Padilla who worked very hard creating a newsletter focused on Enterprise week. She spent time in each bay and got the children’s views. She took the photographs and chose which ones to use. Drew Saunders was asked to create an art piece which showed each department’s product. He used different pencils to create a grey shaded piece. Alex McCracken, Tobi Boler, Lewis Mercer and Kaelen Amponsem acted as our chief accountants and were in charge of counting the money, working out the profit margins and calculating the winning team!